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Developments for our future overlords Roundup  Welcome to this week's AI roundup. We have news on a machine learning model used by Google to make music that doesn't sound completely bad, improved translation between English and Chinese from Microsoft, and a new test bed for Waymo's self-driving trucks.…Read...
To maintain privacy, stay offline, don't maintain public repos that trace back to you Programmers can be potentially identified from the low-level machine-code instructions in their software executables by AI-powered tools.…Read More
It's like Spy Vs Spy, but with neural network boffins Adversarial models, already known to defeat the artificial intelligence behind image classifiers and computer audio, are also good at defeating malware detection.…Read More
Machine learning and AI could make the problem worse Voice recognition systems are sexist; they struggle to deal with female voices compared to male ones.…Read More
Oh, and an amusing story about an AI medical chatbot Roundup  Hello, here’s this week’s AI roundup. There is new code to play around with for those interested in machine learning and space, a model that predicts hilarious search trends for sex site YouPorn, and another funny story...